Jonathan Gadish, Boston MA

“I was an expecting father this past August and was searching for the perfect push gift to present my wife with. After a lot of research, only one gift made sense to me. Everything else seemed like a gift I could give her for any occasion. I felt this moment should be different. Coming across Juno Lucina jewelry made it very clear that this collection was the ideal push gift and really the only one with true meaning. The fact that I could present her with beautiful diamond jewelry that also meant a sort of ‘good luck’ through the process made it perfect.

Cathy Baker, Phoenix, AZ

“Being pregnant with twins was nerve racking and very complicated. It was 9 months of panic for both myself and my husband. After having our two sons, my husband gave me the Juno Lucina Harmony Bracelet. I was still in the hospital and was feeling completely unattractive and exhausted. When I opened the box I read this beautiful poem that was written on the top inside of the box all about how much he appreciated me and what I’ve been through. I instantly started crying! It was such a beautiful and emotional moment for both of us.

Tom Halvas, Tenafly NJ

“The day I heard my wife was pregnant, I was ecstatic! Little did I know the whirlwind of the pregnancy period I was in for. The mood swings and odd cravings were exhausting to say the least, but as the due date neared, I couldn't help but feel that I wanted to give my wife a present for all she had been through, physically and emotionally. I knew it had to be a gift that would only make sense for this particular moment as that's what would make it so special.

Alison Harris, San Diego CA

“When I found out my best friend was pregnant, I almost passed out. She wasn’t married, and didn’t have a lot of family around to help her, and her courage for having this baby by herself was amazing. I really wanted to get her something that made her feel special and accomplished. I decided on the Juno Lucina Signature Collection and gave her the Signature Studs and Pendant when she got home from the hospital. She was so surprised and I could tell that she felt just as special as she is!

Ari Gotfeld, Miami FL

“My wife's friend mentioned a ‘pushgift;’ to me and I sort of laughed it off but after seeing she was serious, I started looking into it. I had no idea where to start and what to get so when I came across Juno Lucina jewelry, I was obviously excited. I found something that really defined the moment and the details were incredible. The packaging was beautiful and she adored the imprinted story describing the meaning of the pendant.

Monica Bielanko, Bellefonte PA

"I was so excited to receive my pendant! It is solid yet delicate, classy but casual... I can wear it with anything and it reminds me of my babies. I absolutely love it and haven't taken it off yet!"