Push Gift

A push gift, also known as a push present, is customarily given by a spouse, partner, or a family member but is also ideal from a loving friend.

This present demonstrates a deep appreciation for a woman's experience during the pregnancy period, from conception to birth. While nothing can be compared to the gift of life, a new mother will undoubtedly feel special when you present her with this gift which lets her know that someone was thinking solely of her. By doing so, you are not only expressing your deepest appreciation for all she has endured but also displaying your gratitude for the child which she has blessed you with. These words exemplify the essence of what we call a push gift.

It is traditionally given to a new mother at the hospital after the birth, or upon returning home, but may also be presented to her anytime during the third trimester.

For over 1,000 years, Juno Lucina has been the original symbol of childbirth thus making it the only luxury push present with a true historic and symbolic meaning.

As you look towards the future, you must not disregard the past. She has already carried the child, nurtured it, and felt it growing and playfully kicking in her tummy, a journey which she will never forget. And so, show her your gratitude for the journey she has taken. In this moment of joy, do not let her actions go unnoticed. Nothing should cloud what she has gone through to give to you life's greatest gift, a life-long love.

“There is no greater gift than the gift of a child and no better way to present a push present then in our uniquely designed gift box which will undoubtedly not only capture the joy of this special moment but also enhance it”
- EK, Founder
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