Top 10 Push Presents Kanye is Likely to Give Kim

December 6, 2014

10. Training Sessions: Kim has already been spotted going to training sessions in L.A., just days after the couple’s pregnancy announcement. Although the reality star has so-far stayed first-trimester fit, hardly showing a bump, many women gain many an unwanted pound as the big day approaches — perhaps a few hours with trainer to the stars Gunner Anderson would be in order. However, if Kanye’s got any sense in his head, a push present that comments on the mother of his child’s beauty, versus her new flaws, would be a better idea.

9. A Louis Diaper bag: Touted as (quite possibly) the world’s most expensive diaper bag, the Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Lin Diaper Bag retails at roughly $2,300. The bag claims to have room for two baby bottles, a slew of pockets for diapers, several interior compartments for god-knows-what else, a removable strap, and the all-important Louis logo throughout. As much as we love our Louis, it might be cheaper (and less work) for Kim to pay someone else to carry around a less impressive diaper bag.

8. A New SUV: While Kanye already rocks a Mercedes SUV, Kim’s going to need some room for all that new junk in the trunk — diaper bags and strollers we mean, of course. Although a car is hardly the most romantic gift, the electric BMW i3 Concept Coupe generates zero tailpipe emissions and runs 80 to 100 miles before requiring charging. What a great lesson to teach little Kimye about sustainable resources.

7. A Nanny (with Confidentiality Agreement): Every woman needs a little post-partum help, however if March’s news that Pam Behan, the former nanny to the stars on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” was going to reveal “intimate details” about the celebrity family’s intimate lives ever pans out, then perhaps a little more planning is in order.

6. A Gender Reveal Blowout Event: the couple is reportedly dying to know the gender of their baby, but if they manage to wait, the new hip thing to do would be sharing it with half the world via a gender reveal party. Imagine it, the couple cuts into a five-tier cake, and voilà! the color of the cake clues us into the gender. But could they find a baker in L.A. who wouldn’t leak it to the media first… hmmm. Maybe the East coast’s “Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro can make them an offer they can’t refuse.

5. A Song: A hip-hop anthem sampling “Havin’ My Baby” by Canadian pop music singer Paul Anka would be worth its weight in gold records. Hey, we’d buy, errr, download it.

4. An Intimate Wedding: When Kim’s divorce from Kris Humphries is final (of course) a secluded (and actually paparazzi-free) affair would be the best way to say ‘forget the past! Let’s build a future together!’

3. Another House in L.A.: Since Kim relocated back to Cali when she split with her ex, she should start hunting for a few extra rooms on the West coast. If a new crib for the new crib is good enough for the future King of England… it should be good enough for Kimye.

2. A Designer Couture Post-Maternity Gown: With all eyes on her, Kim needs to look stunning on her first trip out on the red carpet, post-baby. If 2012 was the year of hot post-pregnancy bods with Kristin Cavallari in Rubin Singer, Megan Fox spotted donning Roland Mouret, and Jennifer Garner rocking a red Gucci, a seriously sexy custom gown might be just the push Kim needs…

1. A Custom Couture Juno Lucina: The hot ticket brand is considered the original push present as it’s the only luxury design that’s only for moms. Juno Lucina was the Roman goddess who protected women in childbirth, so these $30,000 to $50,000 pieces are perfect for Kimmy’s very first push present (or stitch present in the case of a C-section!).