Her Journey Through Motherhood #ProudMomClub

March 23, 2015
Baby by the House 2

As you probably know, Juno Lucina® is the only diamond jewelry brand in the world solely dedicated to appreciating mothers. Whether she’s an expecting, new or seasoned mom, we believe she should be cherished.

Beyond a name, Juno Lucina® is the embodiment of love and protection. Our signature design is an emblem of Juno Lucina. The diamond placement symbolically represents the heads of mother and child. Our iconic silhouette is delicately depicted in every piece.


The Inception

Our brand was originally crafted to commemorate a woman’s journey to motherhood. It was even renowned as The Original Push Gift.


Reinventing the Push Gift 

Over time, we’ve had the pleasure of working with tons of moms: mom bloggers, popular influencers, celebrities and countless other women who embrace motherhood as the most meaningful milestone in their life.

We’ve grown a deep appreciation for the remarkable women who take pride in the journey journey through motherhood— before and after birth.

Proud Mom Club

Our jewelry’s true value lies beyond diamonds and gold. By connecting with a wide array of women who embrace motherhood, Juno Lucina® has become the ideal and most recognizable symbol for proud moms.

Stars like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Dania Ramirez and Teresa Palmer have all raved about the #ProudMomClub! They’ve even posted pictures wearing their Juno Lucina® diamond pendant; standing in solidarity,

If you’re not part of the #ProudMomClub… what are you waiting for?!