Best Time to Give her a “Push Gift”

December 18, 2014

You just bought a push gift… now what?
How do you find that perfect time to give it to her?

Some people believe should wait until the baby is actually born, while she’s still in the hospital. Others prefer to hold off until the baby is safe and snug at home. Then their are loved ones who gift before birth, at a baby shower for instance, in hopes of empowering mommy-to-be and bestowing warm wishes upon her. The truth is, you can honor a woman with a gift from Juno Lucina at any point along her motherhood journey

There isn’t a right or wrong time to present your “push gift” since the act acknowledges her strengthen and resilience. It also symbolizes the safe-guarding of both mother & child. Rest assured that whatever moment you choose, she will treasure forever.

Take your time with the decision and make sure it’s a moment that you can both share together and look back on as one of the best moments in your lives. It’s not just about the actual pregnancy; giving a push gift is more about the journey to motherhood. Worry less about the duration of the pregnancy and more about when it’d be appropriate to celebrate her journey to motherhood.