Five Ways to Hint at the Push Present You Deserve

December 2, 2014

You’re having a baby — no bones about it, you deserve a timeless and precious symbol to commemorate this joyous day. But not every mommy-to-be’s partner (no matter how thoughtful) may know what she wants. Here are a few ways to, well, nudge.

5. Leave your browser open on the Web page like this.

If you don’t share a computer, you may want to adjust your screen saver settings. You know you definitely don’t want a trip through outer space, a scrolling marquee or bouncing pictures of your cat as your push gift.

4. Call the Bestie.

Be careful with this one — their friends might be as clueless as they are. If his best buds think Whole Foods is the place to pick up quality carats, then call his mom. Also, it may give other friends and family a way to honor and celebrate with both of you by making sure you receive something special.

3. Spell it Out.

Writing on a couple of well-placed scraps or page margins might spark their intrigue and get them investigating — The site does a fabulous job of explaining the beauty and tradition of push presents.

2. Plant the Information in Their Head.

Mention the moving history behind the symbolic shape of the Roman goddess Juno Lucina cradling the new baby in her arms, for example.

1. Just Tell Them.

Your Push Present is as important as the other symbols of your bond. The day your partner in life decided you were the one is represented forever by your engagement ring. The day you promised to spend eternity bonded together is symbolized by your wedding band. Your push present marks the day your child is born, the day you first saw a life that the two of you created together. You will never get this moment back. Make sure the symbol for that day will always make sense to you by just telling them what you would love!