Do Pregnant Women Really “Glow”?

December 17, 2014

Saying a pregnant woman is glowing is a common expression. Most people attribute the radiance to a woman’s excitement about becoming a mommy. 

As it turns out, “glowing” skin is prevalent among pregnant women.

While you’re pregnant, the amount of blood in your body will increase by 50%. The extra blood ends up showing through the skin in many areas, particularly the cheeks.

On top of this, hormones cause the oil glands to become more active, resulting in a softer, shinier appearance. When the increased blood flow combines with shine, the result is a noticeable glow.

While it’s true that pregnancy hormones can change your skin, don’t expect a perfect complexion and nothing else. Be sure to (1) Keep your skin moisturized (2) Use sunscreen (3) Stay hydrated & (4) Stick to a skin-care regime to avoid oil-build up (that causes breakouts!) and dry-skin.