Celebrate Your First Love

February 12, 2015

Every Valentine’s Day, we cherish our loved ones. While romantic relationships tend to take center stage, set aside this moment to reflect on your first love. Reminisce about the times you shared with the person who taught you how to love. Before we ever fall in love, our moms show us what love really means.

Appreciate Mom this holiday, with the ideal symbol for proud moms—Juno Lucina.

Melissa Chapman, over at The Staten Island Family blog is giving away one of our signature diamond pendant necklace’s this Valentine’s Day!


Excerpt from her post:

Motherhood is watching that child take their first steps and wanting to be able to anticipate when they will fall so that they never need to feel even an iota of pain. Motherhood is watching that same cartoon show ten times in a row and clapping and singing along with your child because even though you’d choose sticking pins in your eyes over watching said show- the smile it brings your child makes it all worthwhile and even palatable. Motherhood is about sending your child to their first day if school and hearing them wail and cry for you, and waiting for two hours at the door until you finally hear their sobs subside. Motherhood is wanting to break down that door and take them home-as soon as your hear their cries- but staying put behind that door because you know the best possible thing for them is to have experiences outside your mommy and me cocoon. Motherhood is watching your child navigate friendships and wanting so badly to protect and prevent them from every feeling unloved and unwanted by a peer- but knowing that sometimes you can’t make it all better.


Melissa demonstrated some of the many reasons we #AppreciateHerJourney and are dedicated to cherishing moms!

If you want to read more from Melissa, check out the Staten Island Family blog.

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