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The Original Push Gift™ | Push Presents for New Moms

The Juno Lucina tradition has been the only true symbol for love and appreciation of new mothers for over 1,000 years. We have truly adopted this tradition as the only luxury jewelry brand that solely commemorates new mothers. We are here to help you demonstrate your deep appreciation for her journey through pregnancy, one of the most important moments in her life. Juno Lucina makes it memorable, special, and emotional.

Signature Collection

Signature Pendant | Signature Collection |

The Signature Collection was designed exclusively as a classic, elegant Push Gift for mothers.

Impressive Presentation

Our Impressive Presentation | Gift Sets |

We believe that in emotional moments, every detail counts. That is why we created our own unique gift box that is delivered with every Juno Lucina® purchase.

Second Child...Twins?

Petaled Rose | Juno Lucina

The Petaled Rose was designed by Juno Lucina for the celebration of more than one child.

Why is a Push Present important?

A Push Present honors a woman who has just given birth, or is about to. It goes without saying that the new baby she cradles in her arms is the greatest gift of all, but what a Juno Lucina Push Present does is symbolize a loved one’s recognition for the emotional and physical miracle a woman has just performed. This is why giving an exceptional gift is so important — regardless of price. You are giving someone whom you love and respect a symbol of how much you appreciate her experience.
Juno Lucina is the only meaningful and truly historic symbol for a push present: It is the only recognizable design that will identify with her successful journey through pregnancy and childbirth. She will wear it proudly and never forget her incredible journey towards motherhood.

From the very first piece The Signature Pendant, to the most recent addition The Pedaled Rose to our brand family, our pieces are beautifully crafted only out of exquisite 14k gold and diamonds.

Because Juno Lucina pieces are precious, timeless and instantly recognizable symbols of a woman’s journey to motherhood, they will also become treasured heirlooms among future generations. Because the historic symbol of the Roman goddess and the universal beauty of diamonds are so immortal, perhaps, one day, a daughter will pass along your loved one’s treasured Juno Lucina piece to her daughter, or a son may present it to his wife, upon the birth of a grandchild — forever.

What Should You Get For a Push Present?

A meaningful, luxury jewelry piece is an ideal push gift, as it will undoubtedly stand the test of time. Handbags will eventually go out of fashion, clothing will fade and tear, and eventually, even cars become clunkers. However, the quality of Juno Lucina jewelry pieces ensure the moment will be remembered forever. The timelessness of lavish diamonds and gold far surpass the fleeting trendiness of kitschy birthstones or inexpensive gems, which is why a Juno Lucina Push Present is the only way to give the original — and the best.

Who Should Give a Push Present?

Although Push Presents are most often expected from the new mother’s significant other, the gift is treasured from any loved one. Nothing makes a new mother feel more beautiful and appreciated than a well thought-out, elegant, and symbolic gift. Husbands, fiancés or partners, as well as family members, and very close friends, are ideal givers of Push Gifts.

Smaller, less considered tokens will also be appreciated, but the difference lies in the distinction of intimacy: ultimately, shouldn’t feelings of love and respect be symbolized by nothing less than the best?

Anniversary milestone gifts become more luxurious with time, but what could be a bigger milestone that the birth of a child? At Juno Lucina, we use only diamonds and gold, as we believe this occasion deserves the finest materials.

What is the ideal way to present a Push Present?

Giving a Push Present is a personal moment and should be individual to each relationship, so there really is no wrong way to present a push gift.

For some, the best moment to present a Push Present is immediately after the baby is born. Often, a new mother in the hospital is in pain and experiencing a whirlwind of emotional responses. A gift of a stunning, symbolic, Juno Lucina piece instantly shows her that you know how beautiful she truly is. If the piece is a surprise — it is all the more reassurance that you have been carefully considering how much you appreciate what she was about to experience, even if the stress of the situation hasn’t allowed you to express it.

Some feel the best way to present a push gift is by sending it, or by presenting it through a friend or family member. As long as a new mom receives the gift, she will be forever appreciative of your care and thoughtfulness.

What is the ideal time and place to present a Push Present?

Each Juno Lucina piece arrives nestled in a luxurious gift box with a meaningful inscription inside. The new mother will have no doubt that the giver chose a carefully-considered gift that deserves to be treasured forever. A Juno Lucina piece is the most recognizable symbol for a push present and mothers wear it proudly.

And because the symbolism of the piece is so time-honored, really anytime during the third trimester, or any intimate moment directly after the birth, either in the hospital or at home, is a perfect time to present it to her.

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